ji j

About me

It all started a long time ago at the age of nine when I first listened to the massive CD collection of my father. I started to burn some of his CDs and create a collection myself. Soon I had a collection of more than 500 Songs and I was hungry for more.


Later on I started to curate my own playlists that I put on seperate CDs and showed to friends. Some of them liked them so much that they asked for the CDs and I found a way to earn some pocket money. Around that time I also started to put pieces of songs into other ones which was an unknown concept in Austria back then! Since it's hard to hear friends talk in loud environments my name morphed from Sergio to SirJoe which I kept till this day.

It still took some time till I got my own professional Equipment that I bought through selling CDs and working in a small Restaurant in town. Some describe my style as a mix of history, since I incorperate Hip Hop, Hardrock and Heavy Metal but also Blues, Jazz and even Classical Music of all ages. I like to perform at smaller gatherings preferebly smaller than 200 since these parties offer a unique vibe. I am open to longer travel but can often be found around Austria, Bavaria and parts of Swizerland. Please don't book me for a wedding ;).

Looking forward to hear from you! Just contact me!

DJ SirJoe